How to Make Butter Shrimp the Best Part of Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Introduction: What is a butter shrimp? A butter shrimp is a shrimp that is raised in captivity and then cooked. Butter shrimps do not actually taste like butter. They are also called prawns and are usually found in Asian countries as well as other countries around the world, especially among people who make their own food because they do not have access to any other type of meat. They are sold frozen and canned, either whole or cut into pieces. It’s also quite easy to cook them so you can preserve them for later use or just eat them right away if you prefer that option.

How Can Butter Shrimp Save Thanksgiving Dinner?

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Butter shrimps are the perfect solution to a Thanksgiving dinner.

What Are Butter Shrimp Used For?

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Butter Shrimp have been used in a variety of dishes like fried, baked, stewed and so on. They are also known as the “King of Fishes” because they are very popular in Asian cuisine.

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